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The right signage program is important to convey the vision and mission of your organization. Through the impact of an electronic display or a well-designed wayfinding program,  Neokraft has help create outstanding, award-winning signage for clients across the country.  We have worked with a wide range of businesses and institutions from banks and breweries to hospitals and colleges.

Our process is customer driven, collaborating with clients from conception and design through installation and maintenance support. Our goal is to help each client project a clear and effective image of their organization.


  • Commercial Oxford Casino 01
  • Commercial Oxford Casino 02

Corporate & Retail

A successful retail business relies on getting customers to walk through the door. Retail signs not only draw customers into your business, but they can also pay for themselves when careful considerations are taken into account in the initial design process. By utilizing effective signage, businesses can see real rewards. 

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  • Education Thomas College 01


School signage is one of the first things new students and parents interact with when they step on campus. Wayfinding signs, building identification, and electronic message displays are just a few of the many signs found today at schools big and small. Properly conceived and implemented signage brings every element of your campus together, eliminating confusion and increasing efficiency for faculty, students and guests. 

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  • Financial Oxford Credit Union
  • Financial Skowhegan 01
  • Financial Kennebec Savings
  • Bangor Savings 1
  • Bangor Savings 2
  • Kennebunk Savings 1
  • Kennebunk Savings 4
  • Kennebunk Savings 2


The financial industry has never been more competitive, and customers are looking for financial institutions they can trust, as well as provide value. Effective signage for your bank or financial organization is a clear way to communicate your professionalism and expertise to the public.

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  • Food Fun Smuttynose 1
  • 3S 1

Food, Drink & Fun

Custom signs are a way to show the world what’s unique about your business. Whether you provide food, drink, or hospitality, we can work with you to craft a creative sign that’s inviting to all passersby.

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  • Health Care Southern Maine
  • Health Care Maine Medical
  • Health Care Maine Medical 02
  • Health Care Maine Medical 03

Health & Science

Clear and efficient signage is essential for healthcare and science facilities. Patients need to reach their destination quickly and with minimal confusion, whether through wayfinding signage or ADA compliant methods, such as Braille signage. Neokraft balances highly effective design with aesthetics and style, presenting your image to the public while efficiently guiding your guests and patients to their destinations.

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  • Municipal Northeast Harbor 3


We know that effective signage can be just as important to state and local governments as it is to businesses. Neokraft has been involved in governmental sign programs for years, and has proven to be the cost-effective, high quality solution that many municipalities require for their signage programs. 

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